Ipage Hosting Service Revealed

iPage is a leading force among the available hosting services worldwide with a lot of promotion lately via major advertising portals as we have noticed and promising advancement of the infrastructure by providing more options to the potential buyer that adds to the current plans options of further upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server. Unfortunately, my personal experience is limited to holding only a sharing hosting plan but is quite enough to address the status of this hosting service.


The regular price is around $8 for an annual plan plus the VAT (depends on the country of your residence) which is considered decent for the standards of a reputed hosting service. The good news is the huge discount that iPage is offering to the new customers so you can sign up for an up to 24 months contract for a very small amount. Sometimes even for a dollar per month. Crazy!


In this area, iPage is very convenient by offering unlimited domains used, unlimited bandwidth consumed every month and unlimited email mailboxes. Someone would say whether it is actually unlimited or just an honest lie to lure you. Well, I think nothing is unlimited in this world and the resources cost, so as the bandwidth is regarded spending it wisely is the way to go. It’s nice when you have the allowance of unlimited though. Sounds great. The cPanel is very easy to use, just that. For your convenience Ipage is affiliated with SimpleScripts to get you the most popular platforms installed just with one click. Site builders are provided. I remember occupying myself for a while with Weebly which seems interesting but it’s not provided with all the features so it was a waste for me.

Speed & Downtime Frequency

The Uptime score is close to 97-98% which is considered a little lower than the one promised by the company, however the gap is very close to get bridged. The speed is considered very standard and except for rare occasions I can feel satisfied but not stunned. Perhaps overloaded pages encounter a problem in the short or long run though. I mean the more the plugins you added to your page, the longer the times are reported and it gets worse if you go with poor management over your page.


The support I think is the cherry of the cake for iPage and a part of what the company should be proud of. It’s very fast and professional via chat, phone or support ticket. I personally haven’t spoken to them on the phone but I stand satisfied by the rest of the two options i used as customer.

Free Goodies

You may not sign up just for these goodies but it’s somewhat an attraction having all this free stuff gifted to you for seriously no cost. Google Adwords and Microsoft coupons, Facebook free credit, Sitelock license to name some.

Affiliate Program

Ipage offers a lucrative affiliate program to the users. With a nice collection of promotional tools and a good strategy, you help the company expand and earn up to $105 per new referred user.

Bottom Line

Not sure if I covered all the ground regarding this company but I hope I was a valuable source of info with the little experience I gathered so far by them. The final judge is down to you. The comment section is open for everyone wanting to add up and contribute with their personal experience.

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