Link Building Deconstructed

One of the most effective tools in search engine optimization is link building but not just any link on any website. The efficacy of links in establishing a strong online presence depends on the quantity and quality of links established. The rule of thumb is that the more reliable the website where the links have been placed, the more reliable the website will be viewed by its target customers; this is simply tapping into the rule of association.

Streets between Pages

Think of links as the streets between web pages, which are then used by search engines to determine their relationship. This is usually performed with the use of sophisticated link analysis (i.e., algorithms) that search engines like Google and Yahoo keep a tightly-held secret.

Think of link building as garnering as many votes as possible from other websites. This represents the democratic nature of the Internet where Netizens determine what pages are important – or at least, popular at the moment.

But it is not just the popularity of the website being measured when building links, which are also known as backlinks and outbound links. Links are also used to measure trust, reliability and authority, which can be perceived or real although there is often no distinction between the two in the online universe.

To reiterate, trustworthy sites tend to be linked to and be linked with other trustworthy sites while spam-filled sites will receive very few, if any, links from trusted sites. This is to be expected considering that trusted sites will want to avoid having their reputations tainted by suspicious sites.

Types of Links

Link building can be performed using one of three types of links, namely:

• Editorial links are provided by other sites that want to link to your website. The goal is to create great content and create awareness about the brand instead of requiring specific actions. • Manual links are created by submitting sites to online directories, emailing bloggers for links, and paying for listings, among others. The goal is to create a value proposition that the website on which the link is placed will consider to be in their best interest. • Non-editorial links are created though forum signatures, guest book signings, and blog comments as well as user profiles. It must be noted that link building using these methods are often of low value so caution must be used.

The trick is in combining these methods to create quality links for your website. Experts recommend the following:

• Get your customers to place your links on their pages. • Create a company blog filled with informative, entertaining and valuable content. • Be in the news for positive developments in your brand, products and services. • Find listings for your niche market.

In the end, link building is what you make of it. Use it to your advantage by hiring the professionals to do the work for you.

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