Self defense principle and a way of achieving it

Protecting yourself is a fundamental right of everyone living in this world and although the things should be expected safer around ourselves the reality proving us all wrong. A martial art is a finest way of protection as well as formulates body and spirit, plus makes the person more socialized by meeting new people. However, for some people either the time is so limited or their daily habits are way too different from being athletic and fit. What an alternative could be suggested though? A stun gun? Or perhaps a taser? Especially women would love this. They might would have lost the opportunity to meet their soul mate in the incarnation of a handsome kung fu trainer but on the other hand they could have saved up a lot of time by only walking to the store once and buying one of those protective devices. Besides, they love shopping, don’t they? Sadly or not, many modern countrymen would have chosen the easy way. Would you? Stay safe. 🙂

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