Spy cameras in a hotel room and ways of detecting them

Hello hello,

It’s Friday night and your room mate has set up a romantic dinner for a blind date he has arranged via internet. Perhaps a life chance so don’t ruin his evening today! You phone your girlfriend and sadly informed you that she cannot hospitalize you due to her parent’s arrival. What a mess?  Time for a romantic weekend you think of, and the next few hours you are outside a nice yet kinky hotel room. Well, when you are inside a strange thought comes to mind. Hidden cameras somewhere here? Just thinking. Errrr too late because I doubt if you have picked up a flashlight along with you. If you had done so, I would have told you a nice trick in order to detect a spy camera using it. Instead of the flashlight you could use your cell phone in different ways though.  You have brought your cell phone, right? And your girlfriend too. Nice!! Now call your girlfriend’s phone (send her outside first, to make the call more realistic :p) and start moving yourself along the phone device in spots you might think that a camera could be placed. If you noticed a clicking, kicking noise there you go!! Now, bring your girlfriend inside, no need to stay alone in the dark hotel’s corridor. Turn off the lights, no not yet silly boy!! So, i guess your cell phone  wears an embedded camera and now you can switch it on for a thorough investigation. Cell phone cameras have the ability to detect the infrared radiation of a spy cam. Pretty Cool? Now that it’s all clear, you and your girlfriend can experience a majestic weekend.

PS: If you found the procedure difficult, you can always buy a spy cam detector. :p


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